Are You Giving Off the “I’m Too Busy” Vibe?

Are you blowing your chances with dating prospects by giving off the impression that you don’t have time or room in your life for a partner?


If so, then uh oh… and here’s how to fix that…

If you’re a relationship oriented person, truly happiest in your life when you have someone to share your love with, then chances are you’re a bit off balance as a single, person, living life solo at the moment. Having lots of open space on your calendar can be uncomfortable, lonely, and yes… depressing.

Some of us respond to the uncomfortable potential for loneliness and depression by filling up our calendars, both with important work, family, social and personal activities and with lots of “stuff” that isn’t really all that essential. check here what a matchmaker thinks about this ….  

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Single and Dating? Are YOU Financially Stable? (What does that even mean?)

The Dating and Dough Solution. It’s actually simple... Match’s Annual Singles in America Study hit my email box this morning. One statistic jumped out at me – about FINANCES....

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Dating Photos Guidelines, for Women

Your dating photos are a critical piece of your profile. I suggest taking the time to take photos specifically for your online dating profile. And it’s fine to also use...

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Transforming Dating, On Purpose

Julie Ferman’s Get-Your-Act-Together-For-Dating Boot Camp Gets the Job Done I always wanted to do it. It took me over three decades to do it. Better late than never? Probably not...

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