Being Interested Is Sexy… How Are You Coming Across On Dates?

What adjectives would be used to describe the way YOU appeared to be on your last date?

How about on your last five dates? Take a quick moment to visit your calendar and write down the names of the last five people who had the opportunity to meet you for a first date.

Now… write down five adjectives that you think this person you met would use to describe YOU. It’s a wee bit confronting, isn’t it? Here’s why I’m asking you to do this.

Disinterested Girl on a date
Post-Date Feedback is always fascinating to study. A quick glance today through this month’s feedback summaries reveals to me a trend, which is well worth addressing.
Lots of folks are coming across as being “disinterested” on the first date, and I think it’s a big mistake in dating to withhold interest.

Demonstrating sincere interest in who another person is – this is an act of generosity.Whether you intend to ever see this person again or not, the secret to doing dating well, and to maximizing your opportunities is to be fully engaged and “present” during the date.

One of my most remarkable gentlemen clients, Bruce, met up with a woman named Candace last weekend. Candace is beautiful, has her act very much together, she’s deservedly selective, and she came to me with a sincere desire to find Her Guy. She really blew it on her date with Bruce, as she gave him the impression that she wasn’t interested in who he is. It’s as if she instantly wrote him off at first glance and just sort of went through the motions over the course of the hour they spent together, offering up very little about herself and asking even less about him. continue reading….

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