Dating Success Stories During the Pandemic Era

Can people date successfully during the COVID-19 era? Yes, indeed. Here is a real-life example of how one couple is gracefully overcoming the hurdles, making a meaningful connection, even now.

Bradley and Lara were both a Yes for connecting, but … it’s complicated. She cares for her mom, who’s got serious health issues, so Lara is on the ultra-conservative side about leaving her house. She has seen literally no one except Mom since March; she works from home and does all of her meetings online, so she knows she’s OK, but she fears that others out there might not be so safe.

Bradley’s my client and of the candidates I have in mind for him to meet, Lara is his top pick. So I set up a phone date for starters for the two of them. They spoke for an hour, and then scheduled a Facetime date for Round Two a few days later. They each got “dressed” for the Facetime date, which they had on a Saturday eve. They both love Indian food, so she shared her favorite recipe for curry chicken, which they each prepared, separately, to enjoy “together.” Her version pictured here.

Bradley and Lara share a love of nature, gardening and the outdoors and so they kept finding opportunities to connect and to contribute to each other, even from across town. He texted photos from his hikes, she shared comical memes she finds on social media, and they have been having fun bonding over laughter and over photos of beautiful scenes from trips they’ve taken, as well as Bucket List destinations they’ve been wanting to see, perhaps together?

Lara gave Bradley a virtual tour of her back patio; he spotted a hibiscus plant that was looking tired so he dropped a new one off on her doorstep, ding-dong-ditch style — he rang the doorbell and left it there for her to find. He’s been honoring her need for safety, in old world gentleman style. She loved the plant, the gesture, the patience and the old world courtship that he’s been demonstrating.

Last week Bradley made arrangements to get tested for COVID-19, waiting in a long line to get the job done; having received a clean bill of health, he and Lara decided it was time to meet in person, to pursue dating each other like normal people.

So this past weekend these two virtual love birds actually met up in person, at her favorite neighborhood park, at a picnic table, with a tablecloth, real silverware and crystal glassware. She made Pad Thai and he brought drinks and a fruit salad. It was the first in-person date she’s had since March.

They’re impressed with each other. In order to see Lara, Bradley will need to take extra precautions, which he says he’s happy to do. “She’s that special” he said.

This new match may not have happened at all, had not the challenges of our current times inspired each of them to go above and beyond what they typically would do, to meet someone. During difficult times, we get to see who people really are, if we’re paying attention. Bradley and Lara? They’re paying attention and it’s an inspiration to me.  Hopefully to you too.

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