Getting “IN” With Your Local Matchmaker

Julie Ferman

You’re single, you wish you weren’t, and you’ve discovered your local matchmaker has a Free Registry option, for men and women who’d love to be in the loop for referrals, but who aren’t invited to be a matchmaking client or who aren’t quite up for making the investment to be in the Client Hot Seat.

Most of the matchmakers these days provide a Free Registry option, to develop a deep, rich pool of available Candidates for Referral when we’re searching diligently for a current or future client. 

You just might be the ideal match for a Client for whom this matchmaker is searching.  But … wait a second.  First, make sure that your local matchmaker has:

  1. Your Photos. As the matchmaker, I positively must have great, current photos of the adorable YOU. I always need a warm, smiling, crystal clear face shot. No hats, no sunglasses, no photoshop, just your happy, welcoming face. AND, super important – a bod shot – THIS YEAR’s version of you. If the photos you have aren’t so hot, or if they’re more than a year old, get busy on a day when you’re looking mighty fine. Ask a friend to take some “dating photos” for you, or have new fabulous pics done in studio or at your home with LookBetterOnline, here:
  2. Your PROFILE. Is your Matchmaker Profile complete? Well, it needs to be, or I can’t find you when I’m searching. Who wants to have kids, who doesn’t? Should I consider you for a 35 year old or a 65 year old? If your profile isn’t complete, I won’t know, which means, you won’t hear from me, and that’s so sad… ☹

If you’re not sure if you’ve registered with me, or if you don’t know if your profile is complete, email me, and I’ll be right back in touch to let you know where you are in my community and if I need anything else from you in order to include you in my referral process.  I’m here:

  • A trusted relationship with YOU. Have you and I met in person? Have we talked by phone? I produce and co-sponsor events in both Los Angeles and Santa Fe, NM, always bringing a photographer with me, to capture that great, current photo I’m always asking for. And meeting you in person instantly bumps you up to the next level in my “pecking order” so you’ll be easier for me to find when I’m searching. Attending an event or scheduling a consultation with me shows me that you’re engaged, sincerely interested in doing dating well, and instantly causes me to have greater TRUST in you. It shows me that you’re real and that you’re sincere and ready for this part of your life to transform.

If you’re not sure where you are in MY community, if your profile / photos are good, bad, or ugly — email me, and I’ll let you know what my recommendations are for YOU at this time in your life.  I’m here:  or you can text or Voice Mail me: 805-371-9557

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