How To Enhance Your Femininity – Tips and Advice

enhance your femininityPractice loving yourself and loving others.

We women are sensual beings – take time each day to pause for reflection or a short, sweet meditation. Steal a quick 30 seconds of conscious peace, when the traffic light changes to yellow – rather than speeding up to sneak in on the tail end of the yellow light, slow up to catch that minute or two of peace while pausing at the red light. Find those quiet moments to tune into the gorgeous sound of birds chirping, the enlivening feeling of the sun on your shoulders, the sweetness of your morning orange juice, the tantalizing aroma of brewing coffee, and the life giving burst of color in the floral section of the supermarket.

Practice loving yourself and loving others. As to love is to be feminine. And to be feminine is to love.

Girls and Ladies! Learn to define and enhance your femininity from different female Matchmaking and Dating Experts.

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