Integrating DNA Testing to Help Los Angeles Singles Find Love

instant chemistry DNA testingLA-based matchmaker partners with Instant Chemistry to leverage DNA in services.

Los Angeles. – September, 2014 – Instant Chemistry, in partnership with Los Angeles-based award-winning matchmaker, Julie Ferman adds a new spin to the LA dating scene. Integrating Instant Chemistry’s Singles Kits into her VIP level client services, Ferman will now use analyzed DNA to help determine compatibility based on both biology and psychology.

“Los Angeles can be a tough city for dating, but Julie Ferman has truly made a name for herself as one of the best matchmakers in the area,” said Ron Gonzalez, CEO and founder of Instant Chemistry. “It’s true that there are lots of beautiful people to choose from, but chemistry and compatibility doesn’t end with looks. By offering our Singles Kits to clients, Julie will have the ability to determine the likelihood of a successful relationship on both DNA and personality.”

DNA analysis provided by Instant Chemistry’s DNA kits will be incorporated into the results Ferman currently uses in her matchmaking for her VIP level clients. Instant Chemistry’s test, based on years of scientific research, looks at serotonin levels and variance in immune systems to determine the likelihood of a successful, long-term relationship. Where incompatibilities may lie, Instant Chemistry offers advice on ways to improve the relationship by combating differences before they become an issue.

“I’m excited to offer Instant Chemistry’s DNA compatibility kits to clients. When I match couples they often fall in love quickly, but ensuring that this love will last forever can be difficult,” adds Julie Ferman, CEO and founder of Julie Ferman and Associates. “Using DNA analysis I can now add another set of metrics in matching couples that will last for the long-haul.”

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About Instant Chemistry:

Instant Chemistry is a scientific company that’s revolutionizing the way people think about relationships. With a team made up of scientists, engineers, designers and business professionals, Instant Chemistry is on a mission to improve relationships through their scientifically-backed compatibility tests. Originally developed as a commercial product, Instant Chemistry is now delivering the first ever at-home compatibility test based on genetics and psychology.

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