Is My Picker Broken?

How can you know if “your type” is the right type for you? Is your picker right on target, or might your picker actually be way off, indeed broken?

Is-My-Picker-Broken2 Are you sabotaging your love life by setting yourself up for failure, targeting the wrong type of guy over and over and over again?

Let’s wrestle with this together.

Especially with regard to looks, attraction and the whole “chemistry” conundrum, let’s look closely at your picker. As a matchmaker, I see lots of women falling into the Broken Picker trap.

Women are dating more like men today than ever before. Why? Because if you’re dating today, you’ve grown up surrounded by media – a never ending stream of photos of beautiful people on magazine covers, billboards and on online dating profiles. This perpetual stream of images gives us the illusion that there’s plenty. We’re barraged with lots and lots and lots of photos of beautiful, seemingly perfect people. But they’re not really. Is your Picker right on target, click here to read more ….

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Single and Dating? Are YOU Financially Stable? (What does that even mean?)

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Dating Photos Guidelines, for Women

Your dating photos are a critical piece of your profile. I suggest taking the time to take photos specifically for your online dating profile. And it’s fine to also use...

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Transforming Dating, On Purpose

Julie Ferman’s Get-Your-Act-Together-For-Dating Boot Camp Gets the Job Done I always wanted to do it. It took me over three decades to do it. Better late than never? Probably not...

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