Julie Ferman, Legendary for Serving Women

Julie Ferman - Legendary Matchmaker & Dating GuruIt’s a shame, in my mind, that the vast majority of today’s personal matchmakers will take on male clients only, rarely or never the female client. There are a dozen reasons why the dating industry’s matchmakers have gravitated in this direction over these past 10 – 20 years, but to generalize, it’s because we girls are complex.  Today’s modern day female client is typically quite a challenge for the matchmaker to satisfy – too challenging, many have deemed.

Not so here in our world. I love working with our female clients, yet I will only take on a client (of either gender) if I feel confident that we’re a good fit for each other and that we’re likely to have a fruitful experience working together. I’d be very surprised if there were a matchmaker anywhere on the planet who’s developed a larger date-a-base of single, eligible, desirable men than the one we’re sitting on here in my world. We’ve been privately “inventorying” men and women both, diligently, and at great expense since 2001 when we started building our community in Southern California. Since that time, we’ve had the pleasure, the joy, the honor of vetting and screening over 10,000 single men – accessible to us when we’re searching for our female clients. No one can tell me there aren’t good men out there. Oh my goodness…. Quite the opposite, there is no shortage of really good men who are sincerely seeking a loving partnership. Are they kinda hard to find? Yep, and so that’s why we’re always looking. We don’t wait for the men to find us; we find them, everywhere – through personal referral, the events we host and co-sponsor, via our blogs, workshops, online courses and out and about in the community.

I thoroughly enjoy having both male and female clients, and have designed personal search programs for both men and women, which evolve over time, as our culture continues to develop.

Our Feminine Search Program is designed to create and facilitate a much more dignified experience of dating. For our female clients, we do the lion’s share of the work for her behind the scenes – vetting, screening, and qualifying prospective male candidates according to her criteria and preferences. Then we do the extra screening to be sure that this particular gentleman is indeed available at this moment in time, sincerely seeking relationship. And then we “pitch” her to him first, to be sure he’s interested in her, attracted to her and on-go for meeting her. So we present our female client with a fully vetted Suitor, who meets her Critical Criteria, who’s queued up, ready to go, and excited to meet her.

The age issue. A big time sensitive topic, yes? We have had enormous success with our strategy here – we give both men and women the option of revealing (or not) age on the personal profile. We won’t “fib” for anyone and we insist on using current, representative photos. We like having as few surprises as possible on the first date. Bet you do too.

Photos. Yes, we provide a professional photo shoot as part of our client’s program.

First Date Concierge: Our female clients LOVE that we orchestrate all of the first dates, coordinating schedules, making restaurant reservations, confirming with both parties the date, time and location. After the first date?  Hugely popular with our clients is the post-date feedback that we provide. We chase after you both, to hear all about the date, and to see who’s game for a second date.  All along the matchmaking journey, as our client, you’ll have ongoing dating coaching advice, tips, and strategy via emails and phone.

Matchmaking Fees:  We specialize in short-term, reasonably priced search programs, so we either hit the nail on the head early on, finding a GREAT relationship for our new client, or we will have developed a really solid relationship with our new client and we can continue including this client in future searches we do for our future clients. Our personal matchmaking fees start at $5995, and the initial dating coaching consultation applies toward personal matchmaking services, if we do decide to work together at this higher level.

Questions?  Email us to inquire: Info@JulieFerman.com or call us: 805-371-9557

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