Looking for Love in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles Dating

Here’s why LA is a GREAT town for dating!

The word on the street is that it’s tough to date in LA. THAT is a myth. I’ve been bringing couples together in Los Angeles since 2001, and during that time, I’ve seen THOUSANDS of stellar relationships ignite and take hold. Yes, even in THIS city.

One thing I’ve discovered, being immersed in the dating culture these past 30 years is that no matter where I am on the planet, single folks in that town say it’s the worst place ever to meet anyone. It’s true, that it’s said… everywhere… which means … it’s not true at all. Let’s bust that myth about LA right here and right NOW.

Here’s why LA is a FINE town for dating, romance and for creating a meaningful relationship.

  1. HUGE inventory. No one can tell me that there aren’t enough single men or single women in the monster big city of LA. Don’t even try to tell me that…
  2. Traffic. Yes, traffic can be a PLUS, and here’s how. Since it’s an obstacle and a nuisance, it forces us to plan ahead and I find that second / third dates tend to be longer, more adventurous dates, as heck…if you’re gonna make the effort to see each other, why not make it a longer, more experiential date? I see this happening all the time. I had set up a date for one of my clients this past weekend and when traffic was snarled, threatening to derail the date, they caught each other on the phone and started their date in their cars… asking all of those fun questions, getting to know each other by phone, en route, and when they finally met at the restaurant, 30 minutes late, they had already broken the ice and they dove right in to have a FANTASTIC date. They thanked the traffic for the opportunity to hit the ground running on their actual date. Cute.
  3. Venues galore. I dare anyone to tell me that dating is dull in LA. With over 1200 couples on my success story list, I have seen folks fall in love over so many varied activities. Like… over air hockey at the Santa Monica Pier, at the Calabasas Farmers Market, on bikes on the Strand, on a bench at the Serrania Park with dogs, and at the Ventura County Fair. Only boring people get bored….
  4. Permission to be YOU. With soooo many diverse (and ok… wacky) people running around Los Angeles, we have permission to be who we truly are and to express ourselves authentically. Believe me, I’m from the Midwest, where folks tend to be a bit more homogenous, more concerned about “what people think” – In LA, I hope you’ve figured out that you truly can be who you yearn to be, with no apologies. There’s a lid for every pot, as we say…
  5. Weather. OK, so except for when fires or mudslides cripple our fair city (which fortunately is rare), we don’t have to plan our social outings around the forecast, as it’s pretty much always dating weather here in LA.
  6. Dating Experts. Oh my goodness, do we have a plethora of professional dating gurus in LA. For decades, So Cal matchmakers, dating coaches and relationship experts have been developing tools, resources, events and rock solid advice for how to do dating well. Um… start here, with my blog… and if you want more, email me and I’ll turn you on to others.
  7. Flirting Opportunities. Everywhere, all the time. I know a couple who have been together for 20 years, married with kids. They met while in traffic, on one of our infamous SIG alerts, on the 101 at Tampa. Yep, they were at a dead standstill, and a cute guy in the passenger seat of a gardening truck started flirting with an adorable gal who was driving a cute little white sports car. He said, “Nice car” and she said, “Nice smile” and … that’s how they met. ANYTIME you’re in line, at the grocery store, at the coffee shop, the car wash – perfect opportunity to practice those flirting skills. YOU be the one who has become comfortable chatting up total “strangers” wherever you are in town. YOU be the one who says, “Such fun chatting with you – here’s how to find me” – handing over your calling card, asking for the other person’s card, and YOU be the one who checks in later to say, “Such fun meeting you, how about coffee or a drink?”

LA is YOUR town. Let me know what YOU love about LA, and why LA is a perfectly wonderful place to be dating and to find a meaningful relationship.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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