Matchmaker, he’s a skier, I’m a beach bum, should we date?



Julie Ferman’s advice for the week

My client, Marcy is concerned that the man she’s scheduled to meet this week is passionate about skiing, and typically heads to the mountains several times a year for quick getaways.  She’d much rather escape to Cabo or Maui.  She is very confused as she likes everything else about him.  So she called me this morning and asked if she should cancel her date with him on Wednesday night.

Q:  Julie, he’s a Skier, I’m a total beach girl.  Wow, are we compatible?

Here’s what this personal matchmaker had to say about the issue:

A:  “Marcy, don’t be too concerned that Russell has an activity passion that you don’t share.  Not all of his travel excursions are ski trips.  He just showed me photos from his recent excursion to Thailand and Singapore.  You have a lot more in common that you might think; you  both love exploring foreign cultures and getting off the beaten path when you travel.  Absolutely go on this date.  Surely you’ll discover activities that you can enjoy doing together on a typical weekend in LA or while away on vacation.  Many adventures await.”

Let’s share, shall we!

I shared a cute example with Marcy that helped her put this issue in perspective. One of the couples we introduced through had a similar situation – he’s a competitive water skier and she’s not a “boat person” and even gets sea sick on the boat dock.  They’ve worked around it really well and enjoy being together most every weekend, often at the lake where he keeps his boat. She loves to cook and entertain, and she’s also a quilter.  Surely a passion he doesn’t share.  While he’s on the water, typically all day on Saturdays, she’s got something yummy cooking in the kitchen, listening to her favorite classical music (which he finds yawn worthy…) and she gets to work on her quilts, thoroughly enjoying the peace and quiet that his beautiful lake house provides for her. They love their romantic dinners there together and often entertain old and new friends on the deck overlooking the water at sunset.  She commented to me in their holiday card this past year how surprised she was to have fallen in love with a boating enthusiast!!

I love to hear these creative solutions to what some might see as a barrier or a problem.  We’re in a new age folks, wake up and smell the salt water.  It’s time to keep thinking outside the box, look for ways to work around potential challenges.  Remember, relationships are full of obstacles and opportunities to stretch, grow, adapt, and innovate. Practice these skills during every aspect of dating, especially early on in the initial courting phase.

My husband Gil is Venice all day today at a paddle tennis tournament, thank God, because I am enjoying my new puppy Biscuit who is nibbling at my feet, a fragrant candle is burning to my right, birdies are chirping outside, and a gorgeous breeze is floating in from the patio.  I LOVE spending my morningsin this delicious way, all by myself with all one and a half million of you.

Later this afternoon I’ll head to my office to meet with clients and then I’ll enjoy the blessing that my Bikram Yoga practice is.  By the way, Gil would rather have bamboo shoots up his nails than practice yoga.  This evening, he and I will have a sweet evening walk and dinner together, as usual.   I’m not sure we’d have survived twenty years of marriage if we were together ALL the time… 🙂

I happen to love skiing, and yet have been unable to get away from my work to join him on the mountain trips these past few years.  He takes our son Kevin with him and they love this time they spend alone together.  There will be other ski trips for the two of us in the future.  And maybe, just maybe I’ll get Gil to visit my family in Missouri again.  And he just might be willing to give up a tennis tournament for a horseback trip with me one of these weekends.  Marriage is full of opportunities to compromise.

What about you?  How have you worked around activity interest conflicts?
I’d love to hear how you might have creatively dealt with this issue.

With much love,

Julie Ferman

Julie Ferman, Awarded “Best Matchmaker” by iDate & OPW, 2010


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