Santa Fe Dating, in 2020

Dating in Santa Fe is happening, for determined, persistent and creative love seekers of all ages.

As Santa Fe’s very own personal matchmaker, I’m surprised and delighted with the quality of the introductions I’m seeing happening, in and around Santa Fe, especially since things turned upside down this past Spring.

Love is a powerful motivator and for those who are sincerely seeking a loving, mutually satisfying relationship, the complications that COVID has brought into our lives has not stalled out dating. Human beings will find each other, one way or another. We are social creatures, after all.

Here’s what safe dating looks like today.

Connect online first, via social networks, an online dating site, via a friend’s referral or your trusted local matchmaker. Use our online tools to set the hook.

Remote Date.  When you’re both interested and engaged, schedule a date together, by phone or Facetime / Zoom.  If it’s scheduled, then it’s a date. The first date these days is often by phone or online. Spend 30 minutes together and dive in – it’s a treasure hunt; You’re both looking for a passion or two that you share. You’re looking for common values and a comfort level. When things are clicking nicely, take things offline by scheduling a live, in-person date.

Social Distance Date. Plan ahead, be safe,  wear masks until you’re seated. Keep a six-foot distance between the two of you. Meeting at a park over a picnic, on a blanket, on a park bench or over a picnic table. Meeting up outside for a hike or a walk, each of you bringing a backpack with goodies in it to share.


Couple In Park


Home Dates: Portals, back yards, poolside. I’m seeing lots of creative dates in people’s residences, and in lovely outdoor spaces around town.

Touchless Early Dates: Explore via conversation, old school style. When you’re both interested, engaged, attracted and comfortable, ask first, and then when you get the green light, it’s OK to break the six-foot barrier. You may have just found yourself your Quarantine Buddy.

Here’s a fun article in the Santa Fe New Mexican on the topic:

To be eligible for personal matchmaking referrals in New Mexico and beyond, register privately with me, so I can find you when I’m searching.

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