Should Julie Ferman Be My Matchmaker?

Could you and I make magic together?

Am I the right matchmaker for you?

Let’s find out.

  1. Are you in Los Angeles or Santa Fe, NM?
  2. Are you reasonable? Are your requirements / key preferences manageable?
  3. How “marketable” are you?
  4. How curious / growth-oriented are you?
  5. Are you happy already? (Those who’ve succeeded here were … happy already.)

Marketability: The more you have to offer, the more selective you’ll naturally be. This is further complicated by the reality that if you really are “all that and then some” then the type of person you’re hoping to be with is very much in demand, and likely knows that. The most sought after men and women? Well… lots of folks want to meet that person, so sadly, it’s competitive.  If you’re marketable AND reasonable, you’ll likely be an ideal client for me to take on.

How do I know if my requirements / preferences are reasonable? There’s really only one way for me to help you determine the answer to this question, and it’s for us to do an in-depth consultation together: $295 by phone, $495 in person (LA or Santa Fe.) Prior to that consultation, I run a search specifically for you and we look at potential candidates together. I know in a heartbeat if I am likely to be able to do a good job for you, and if your level of selectivity is manageable for me.  First step: If you haven’t already, register with me privately at no cost, and I’ll be right back in touch with recommendations.

The Growth Opportunity. Half of the value in working with me is in the introductions I’m able to provide. The other half of the value is in the learning, the feedback and coaching, the growth opportunity that it is to work with a seasoned, well established matchmaker. Are you shooting out of your league? Is your criteria spot on? Are the people you like going for you too? If not, we’ll find out why, we’ll wrestle with these issues, and our search criteria and strategies will evolve as we work together.

Men: If you’re looking to meeting women who are more than 10 – 15 years your junior or who are significantly more attractive / “hotter” than you are then … no … I don’t recommend that you make the investment to hire me to be your matchmaker. I do use detailed profiles and current face / full body photos, and your level of marketability / desirability is a big factor in my ability to create an introduction for you. I might be able to get you the first date (with the women who might be currently passing you by online or at the coffee shop) but she won’t likely give you the third date or enter into a lasting relationship with you unless it’s a natural match for her as well. I am NOT a Sugar Daddy Matchmaker. There are plenty of them out there, and if that’s what you’re truly looking for, email me and I’ll be happy to make a referral for you.

Women: If the men you’re typically interested in are not naturally going for you (visually, energetically) then …. It’s possible that you’re looking for an unnatural match, which is challenging, often unmanageable for a matchmaker.  During our consultation, I’ll help you determine whether your search criteria are spot on or realistic / manageable, and we’ll create your strategic plan for dating at this time in your life, which may or may not include a pricey personal matchmaking program.

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