Surprise! Courtship Is Trending Again

The pendulum is starting to swing back the other way – Surprise-Courtship-Is-Trending-Again more of today’s modern day daters are keeping their pants on longer, as they explore early relationships, bringing a BIG smile to the face of this personal matchmaker and dating coach.

In the 25 years that I’ve been bringing couples together, I’ve never had a female client call me on a Monday morning to say, “Darn, I wish I’d slept with that guy!” Truly… and can you imagine how many times I’ve had to console women who DID sleep with that guy? That guy who later vanished or kicked her to the curb, leaving her holding a bag full of what’s left of her self-respect and dignity? Leaving her with a body charged with copious amounts of oxytocin and no one to share her love with? The solution is to bring back courtship, and finally, I’m seeing that it’s happening…

One of my current female clients is currently exploring possibilities with two men, both of whom are hot on her trail. She’s on Date Number Five with each. Both want her, both are super attracted and eager to move things along toward the bedroom, and both are hinting at wanting her to be exclusive. Should she reveal to both suitors that there’s another in the picture? Here’s what I suggested:

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Single and Dating? Are YOU Financially Stable? (What does that even mean?)

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Dating Photos Guidelines, for Women

Your dating photos are a critical piece of your profile. I suggest taking the time to take photos specifically for your online dating profile. And it’s fine to also use...

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Transforming Dating, On Purpose

Julie Ferman’s Get-Your-Act-Together-For-Dating Boot Camp Gets the Job Done I always wanted to do it. It took me over three decades to do it. Better late than never? Probably not...

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