How the Short Guy Can Get the Tall Girl

short guys datingDoes the tall, Clooney Type always get the girl? Nope! Here’s how Barry transformed his dating life with humor and persistence.

What Every Woman Says About Taller Men

Take a stroll through the online dating profiles of 50 Southern CA single women (perhaps in Ohio or Tennessee it might be different, but… I’d bet not) and you’ll see an overwhelming number of women of all shapes, sizes and height who are favoring the tall men over the shorter men.

In my dating coaching sessions with tall women, I hear all of the reasons:

  1. I feel more feminine when I’m looking up at my partner.
  2. I am more attracted to a guy who’s bigger and stronger than I am.
  3. I like to wear my heels.

“And are those heels keeping you warm at night?” I can’t help asking…

How Barry Challenged All of Those Women

Barry found that the number one reason why women were passing him over in person and online was his height. He’s a guy who might appear at first glance to be an Average Joe type. He’s 38 years old, 5’7”, with  thinning hair – more Adam Sandler than Brad Pitt. In reality, Barry’s anything but average, as an MIT grad, a successful entrepreneur, a visionary inventor with a strong, confident persona, a quick wit, a passionate heart, dogged determination and a killer smile.

With that determination, wit, creativity and persistence, he issued a challenge to the women who were turning him down, both online and in person.

When a woman said “No thanks” to his invitation, he started saying: “You’re holding out for the taller guy with better hair? I got it. Let’s have some fun with this – the next guy you get to have a date with, who has these elements that I don’t have – give him a shot, and have a really fun date with that lucky guy. But here’s the challenge I’d love to pose to you. If he doesn’t end up being Mr. Amazing, email me or call me and give me one hour. It’ll be a date you won’t forget, and it might just be the start of the relationship you and I have both been looking to create.  Will you accept my challenge?”

How Women Responded to Barry

As you might imagine, lots of those emails went unanswered, but during the six months that Barry and I worked together he did receive back emails from a dozen or so women who got a big kick out of his courage and persistence, and they said Yes to his challenge. He met four of these women, the last of whom he’s dating today.

I interviewed Karen, the woman he’s dating and I asked her if she’d learned anything through accepting Barry’s challenge. She said, “Yes, I learned that my picker was off. I’d been turning down shorter men all my life and I wonder how many great opportunities I missed. He’s the biggest man I’ve ever met, in terms of purpose, passion, energy, and I’ve never had more fun.

She asked me to please share their story, so that fewer women would miss the chance to be with a great man because of something as superficial and meaningless as height or hair. She said that she thinks maybe that the shorter guy has to try harder and that extra effort builds character.

What You Should Take Away From This

Whatever your apparent challenges or limitations might be, and we all have them, build your dating strategy around your strengths, keep your spirits lifted,  use your playful creativity, stretch out your requirements and your preferences just a bit, and never give up on love, on each other and most of all, never give up on yourself.

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