Why Julie Ferman Has An Unfair Advantage As Los Angeles’ Premier Matchmaker

How can LA’s most trusted, well respected, well connected personal matchmaker be much more reasonable to hire than any other matchmaker in Southern CA? The Fermans - Gil, Julie & Biscuit

It’s what we call in business “an unfair advantage” – here’s how it came to be and how you can benefit, at any service level with me.

No pricey advertising. Run a Google search for Los Angeles Matchmaker – those ads you see at the top of the page and all those online banner ads you see popping up? They’re hugely expensive, and agencies that have to cover these kinds of advertising and marketing expenses have to charge their clients two to three times more than I do, just to keep new clients rolling in. I’ve been privately and quietly gathering fantastic men and women in Los Angeles since 2001, (having registered now over 30,000 single men and women to date) and I don’t find a need for pricey ads – new registrations continue to flood in here at JulieFerman.com simply through happy clients making natural, organic referrals. Word of mouth, our events and personal invitations have always kept this sweet business afloat and humming. I like to keep my overhead low, so I can have the luxury of choosing my clients carefully. Probably why I sleep well at night.

Stellar Service. It blows my mind when I hear about high priced matchmakers who are so lazy or sloppy that they don’t do the painstaking work of orchestrating each and every introduction. The lazy matchmakers share phone numbers with the couple they’re matching and then … they’re done. LOTS of these potential introductions never even happen – one person “ghosts” the other, or turns the other off with a 20-questions phone call and what’s left is disappointment on both ends. It’s not easy for a matchmaker to provide a much higher level of service, but I know how valuable it is for my clients that both he and she have “veto power” – if they’re not both sufficiently interested in meeting upon seeing detailed, thorough, well written profiles and current face and body photos, they can say No Thanks. AND then when both are a Yes for meeting, my back and forth messaging to them both, aligning schedules for the when and where of that all-important first date – I do that for each introduction, making sure both he and she are confirmed, sharing cell numbers and always getting post-date feedback to share with both parties. Any matchmaker who doesn’t provide this level of professionalism (mutual pre-approval, detailed profiles — ideally WITH photos, first date concierge service and post-date feedback) truly doesn’t deserve your hard earned dollars.

Ongoing Opportunities for Introductions. Something else that puzzles me (my head turns sideways, brow furrowed when I hear this about other matchmakers) – when a client’s matchmaking program is technically over, the “lazy or chintzy matchmaker” commonly won’t offer any more introductions unless that client pays again. Bizarre, if you ask me. I LOVE to provide additional bonus introductions to both my male and female clients, anytime I can, even long after the client’s program is technically over. It’s just good Karma, I find. I just confirmed a bonus introduction today for a female client whose program was technically over three years ago. She’s delighted, he’s delighted, and I feel great about it. I can’t promise bonus introductions to clients whose programs have ended, but I always look for these possibilities for clients. Gee, maybe that’s why my former clients keep referring new people to me. Is it lots more work? Sure. Is it worth it to go this extra mile? Of course it is…

Inner-Agency Referral Opportunities. A service oriented matchmaker will search far and wide for a client, by funding recruiting and events to continually freshen up the date-a-base. AND many of us conspire together, matching up our clients and free-registry resource members with other matchmaking agencies who are also “sharers” — Sometimes we trade referrals and very often we pay each other’s inner-agency referral fees, happily, as good matchmakers are plenty willing to share their client’s hard earned dollar with another matchmaker, to make the best possible matches for our clients.

What does personal matchmaking cost? What should it cost? You won’t likely find a personal matchmaker in Los Angeles who’s well established (1000+ men and 1000+ women already fully registered) who charges less than $5000 to take on a new client. Many will quote $15K – $25K fees, and well beyond in many cases. Yes, there are matchmakers in LA who charge $$40K, $75K, even $100K and beyond. Personally, I much prefer reasonably priced, short-term programs, typically 4-6 months, and my fees are $6K – $10K, depending on the challenge level of the search I’m conducting. I always start with a paid consultation first ($295 by phone, $495 for an in person meeting), which applies toward a matchmaking program, should we both choose to move forward with a personal search. Charging for my consultation time in this way helps me to keep my fees at a reasonable level and it makes it so that I don’t HAVE to sign the client in order to justify the time I’m investing. It’s an ideal solution. During that initial consultation, you and I will create your own Romance Marketing Plan, which will include lots of personal recommendations for you, which may or may not include a recommendation for matchmaking.

Who should consider hiring me? Men and women who are local to Los Angeles, attractive and desirable, who are growth-oriented, willing and eager to engage fully in our matchmaking and coaching process. My clients are kind and thoughtful, open to having new A-HA experiences, and are courageous enough to look at dating and relationship in new ways. Also, I don’t recommend that anyone go into debt to hire a matchmaker. We can’t promise relationship – it should be an investment that you’re willing to make in yourself, as a learning opportunity and a chance to meet some people you’d not meet otherwise. Do your research, investigate thoroughly and hire the matchmaker who feels right to you. Use the opportunity as a chance to practice and develop your communication skills, to adjust your expectations, if appropriate, and to expand your horizons. The clients who’ve succeeded through my process tend to be those who are happy already, living lives they love. They’re folks who are already “complete” – ready to share, not interested in fixing or being fixed.

1187 couples. Yep, as of this moment in time, my process has resulted in 1187 success story couples. Perhaps you will be the next. If you’ve not already, register privately with me and I’ll be right back in touch with a variety of service level options for you to consider. From free to VIP, if you’re single and would much rather be in love, I want to know you, and I have a feeling you’ll be happy to know me too.

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