Why MEN Are Hiring Us These Days

Why MEN Are Hiring matchmakerI asked ten of my Gentlemen Clients two questions:

  1. What inspired you to hire me as your personal matchmaker?
  2. What has been for you the biggest BENEFIT in having me in your life, as your professional matchmaker & Dating Coach?

Here are some quotes we received back.

Reliability and Confidence. “What I love about being your matchmaking client is that I know I’ll have very few unpleasant surprises on my first dates – your profiles and photos are reliable and you keep the photos current.”

Straight Scoop Feedback. “I don’t want to waste time, energy or resources on women who really aren’t interested in me, and I so value your honest, compassionate post-date feedback. I always hear back from you, to let me know what her impressions are of me, so I’ll always know if I’ve got the green light for that second date…or not.”

Social Insurance. “As a business owner and a single dad, your matchmaking service is what I like to call ‘social insurance’ – Whenever I say “GO” you dive in and send me your Top Five current candidates (always a mind-blowing experience – the women in your community are phenomenal) and each time, I’ve met extraordinary people. Carol and I are two months into our exploration together, and things are great. Thank you for all you do.”

So THAT’S Why!  “I always wanted to know WHY a woman would shut down or not return a phone call or say No to my invitation. My favorite thing about working with you is that I always get to find out the REAL reason for why someone doesn’t go for me, and I love that I always know when I should keep pursuing, because you guys always follow up with her to find out what she’s thinking.

You know your people. “I can’t believe how well you know SO MANY people. Your service systems and IT systems are well designed, with the convenience features and huge database of an online community, but the privacy and personal touch of a matchmaking company. Well done, and thanks for having the courage to make such an investment in our Los Angeles community. It’s not un-noticed!”

Short-Term and Reasonable. “I researched Southern California matchmakers thoroughly before making my decision. Not only did I find that you had a much LARGER database of fully screened and vetted candidates, but your fees are much more reasonable than the other matchmakers I talked with and I love that you have short-term programs. Smart and sensible.”

Thanks to the gentlemen clients who responded to our survey. If you missed the opportunity, email us with your insights about what you love about being our gentleman client: Info@JulieFerman.com

And if you’re not yet our matchmaking client, and would like to learn more, register with us here: http://www.JulieFerman.com

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