Why schedule a personal consultation with Julie Ferman?

Great question, and it’s a common one, so here’s why…Two big reasons for why it’s a GREAT idea for both single men and single women to schedule a personal consultation with me.

Reason #1.  I’ll have the rare chance to really get to know YOU.  Your strengths, your unique “elements of appeal”, your vibe, and your essence.  If your personal profile here in my world isn’t yet complete, I’ll do that for you – you talk… I type.  Then, I’ll polish it up for you and I’ll share it with you, for use anywhere.

The better I know you, the more confidence I’ll have in referring you to my current and future personal matchmaking clients. There’s definitely a “pecking order” here in my system. Having registered privately over 30,000 men and women since launching my company in LA in 2001, it’s a fun challenge for me to get to know you all and to be able to FIND you when I’m searching for clients.

How does my “pecking order” work?  When searching for the best, most fitting candidates for referral to my matchmaking clients I consider, in this order:

Current Matchmaking Clients

Former Matchmaking Clients

Preferred Members (folks I’ve done a personal consultation with, in person or by phone)

Referral Members. The thousands of other people who are fully registered with me, but whom I’ve not yet met in person or who’ve NOT done a consultation with me.  Yeah, right, you want to be considered as a candidate BEFORE I search this deep in my date-a-base. ?

I can’t promise referrals or introductions to men and women I do consultations with (to hire a personal matchmaker is a $5,000 – $10,000+ adventure), but it surely does help you to stay in front of my mind as I conduct searches for clients every day. Also, at any point in the future, if you and I both choose to work together for a personal matchmaking program, your consultation fee always applies toward that higher service level.  So, think of it as a stair-step approach in our getting-to-know-each-other process.

Reason #2. The dating coaching consultations I do, in person and by phone are designed to propel you forward in your dating journey. We’ll be developing your strategy for dating at this time in your life. Think of it as your own personal Romance Marketing Plan.  I’ll be asking you lots of questions, and together, we’ll be looking for your blind spots as well as your areas of strength.

We’ll be covering issues such as:  Identifying your long list of qualities and attributes that you’d LOVE to see in your future partner. And then at least as important, we’ll be honing in on your Top Three Critical Criteria for your search. We’ll be identifying YOUR unique elements of appeal, which serves to enhance your level of confidence in the dating arena. We’ll cover flirting, making your own magic in the world, online dating tips and strategies, getting on that first date and turning that into a second and third date. We’ll talk about photos, those pesky gender related issues, how much to share about yourself upfront and on your early dates. We’ll talk about who’s out there… and we’ll have some open hearted conversations to determine the type of person you have a shot at, and who you might not have a shot at — Important considerations.

After your consultation, I’ll be following up with you by email with a list of suggestions that I’ll have, especially for you.

For those of you who are serious about doing dating well, and for those of you who want to short-cut the process of finding life-long love, meeting with me for this consultation is just what your love coach is recommending for you.

When the time is right for you, email me to schedule:  Julie@JulieFerman.com

By phone: $295 for a comprehensive 50-minute consultation.

In person (in Los Angeles or Santa Fe, NM): $495

Looking forward to working together.

Here’s to YOUR love life !!



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