Julie Ferman’s Personal Matchmaking Process

LA Matchmaking

How does my personal matchmaking service work? This is a question that hits my desk (fortunately!) a dozen times each day, so here’s your short-cut to all the answers.

I’m a personal matchmaker and dating coach, based in Los Angeles since 2002, and I added Santa Fe, NM to the mix in 2016, as hubby, Gil and I have a home there as well as L.A. I have access to thousands of single, available men and women, primarily from the 20’s through the 60’s who have a common goal – to do dating well and ideally to meet one special person for keeps. I typically work with matchmaking clients who live in one of these two locations (LA and Santa Fe, NM).

Outside LA / Santa Fe? If you’re not living in one of these locations, I do still recommend registering with me, as I’m networked with dozens of professional matchmakers throughout the U.S., Canada and beyond, and we collaborate on introductions every day. Register here, if you haven’t already: http://www.JulieFerman.com

Privacy. No one “browses” the men and women in my community, ever. This is not online dating… it’s quite the opposite. It’s meant to be a private, dignified option for relationship-oriented people.

My particular method of matchmaking and my service levels are described here.  Thank you for taking the time to study up on what’s happening in my thoroughly unique community.

Free Services:

It’s free and private for BOTH men and women to be registered with me, to be eligible for personal matchmaking referrals. I can’t promise introductions at this level, but I can’t match you if I can’t find you, so if you haven’t already, click here to register with me.  www.JulieFerman.com    I’m working proactively for the men and women who are my current matchmaking clients, and I won’t be able to consider you as a candidate for referral until your profile is fully complete, including great, current photos.

Podcast. The Cupid’s Coach Podcast. It’s all about how to do dating well in today’s complex culture. I hope you’ll listen especially to the very first episode, which takes you through the process of developing your own Romance Marketing Plan. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/cupids-coach-with-julie-ferman/id1451684205

Blog: Oodles of pesky dating related topics addressed here.

Events: I produce a variety of singles events in both Los Angeles and Santa Fe, NM, extending invitations to people whom I’m considering as potential candidates for my current clients. The events are always designed around the matchmaking clients for whom I’m working proactively at any given time. I can’t promise events invitations, but again, I can’t invite you if I can’t find you, so be sure to register. 

Personal Consultations:

                By phone: $295, 50-minute session.

In person: $495, 90 minute session. I’m happy to take photos when we’re together, if you’d love to have some current photos for use anywhere.

The personal consultation fee always applies toward the personal matchmaking program, should we both choose to move forward with higher level services. Once we’ve done the personal consultation together, I’ll be able to advise you as to whether personal matchmaking is likely to be a good, solid investment for you, or not. Much of this has to do with your level of selectivity and the qualities / characteristics that you bring to the dating arena. I can’t know if you’d be a good fit for personal matchmaking until we’ve done this consultation together. Those who’ve done the consultation with me I will always show up in searches above those who haven’t, so the consultation is a nice stepping stone. It shows me your level of sincerity and commitment to doing dating well, and afterward, I’ll be able to vouch for you. 

NOTE: I cannot promise introductions at this level. I can only promise introductions to men and women who are on contract with me as Personal Matchmaking Clients.

Considering scheduling a personal consultation with me? Here’s more on why that’s a smart idea: https://blog.julieferman.com/why-schedule-a-personal-consultation-with-julie-ferman/

Personal Matchmaking:

By invitation, for both men and women. The Personal consultation by phone or in person is a requirement, in order to be considered for personal matchmaking. Personal Matchmaking Fees range from $5000 – $10,000 for a three-month or six-month search, which includes professional photos, a personal consultation with me, and ongoing coaching and post-date feedback.

National / International searches and VIP search programs are considered on an individual basis and range from $15,000 – $25,000, by invitation.

My personal matchmaking process: When searching for a current client, I consider candidates who are 1. Current Clients 2. Former Clients 3. Consultation Clients 4. Those who’ve attended an event. 5. Those I’ve interviewed by phone and 6. those who’ve completed a profile. I approach the gentleman first, to see if timing is good, and if so, to pitch her to him. If he’s a Yes for meeting her, I pitch him to her. If she’s a Yes too, I set up a fun, casual date for them, typically over drinks, dinner, or lunch. I always provide first date concierge service, aligning on the date, time, and location for the date, typically making a restaurant reservation. I don’t share last names, age, or email addresses, but once the date is set, I do share cell numbers so he and she are sure to find each other at the venue. I always get post date feedback and am happy to share with both, so if there’s mutual interest, the two can schedule a second date.

Who are my clients? I tend to offer personal matchmaking services only to men and women whose searches are manageable — meaning the client is desirable and attractive, and the expectations are reasonable and appropriate. I choose clients with whom I have a lovely relationship myself and for whom I truly feel I can be an effective advocate.

Guarantees? Successes?

A matchmaker can never promise relationship. Yet my husband, Gil and I have been doing this work since 1990 and since that time we’ve added over 1200 couples to our Success Story List.

Four-time winner of iDate’s international Best Matchmaker award, I’ve been featured on Dr. Phil, Good Morning America, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, Women’s World, Coastal Woman Magazine, Madame, the Orange County Business Journal and the LA Times.

Need photos? I bet you do.  The more desirable you are, the more selective you’ll be, which is natural, and that person you’d simply love to meet? That person is likely to be quite selective, and your photos are your marketing tool. 

L.A. Photo shoots, in your home: https://www.julieferman.com/ResourcesCategories.aspx?id=758

In studio or in home, throughout the U.S. and Canada: https://www.julieferman.com/ResourcesCategories.aspx?id=758

Accessing Julie

I’m quite accessible by email: Julie@JulieFerman.com or you can text me or voice mail me here: 805-371-9557.  For efficiency, my voice-to-voice phone time is devoted to consultation clients and current matchmaking clients and the vetting / screening work I’m doing for them.

If you have questions that haven’t been addressed here, feel free to email me, voice mail, or text me.

To request a phone or in-person consultation with Julie, click here!

Or email me and I’ll send you a link to my calendar openings.  Julie@JulieFerman.com

With love and gratitude,

Julie Ferman


805-371-9557 P.S. Nothing can happen here until you’re registered with me, so … if you haven’t already, go for it.  If you’re not sure if you’re registered, email me and I’ll let you know where we are in the process together.  www.JulieFerman.comJulie@JulieFerman.com

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